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Perfect toch?

San Sebastian

Advising urban development high-rise buildings in the neighbourhoods of Loiola and Martutene of San Sebastian in Spain.

Electricity can be generated in addition by wind turbines. Combined with heatpumps for heating space for about 1,200 good insulated dwellings in Loiola this will need 2 wind-turbines of about 800 kW to cover this demand.

More common now is the use of bigger wind-turbines up till 1500 kW with an height of axes and rotor diameters of over 75 m. Using these types 1 of them is needed.

Wind energy fed in public electricity schemes has good opportunities to develop wind turbines in public hand or with energy companies who are public controlled. Wind turbines could be placed around San Sebastian on mountains, along the coastline or in the sea. Because of landscaping it is recommended to use the three-blade types and because of the nuisance of noise and flickering shadows it is not recommended to install wind turbines in town or other residential areas.


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